HENGSHUI LISHENG FRP CO.,LTD.was established in July 1976, 1997 conversion to a limited liability company, located in prime locations Zaojiang Xian South East Road, the doors Zhuang Economic Development Zone, the company covers an area of 104,800 square meters, of which construction Area of 21,300 square meters with a registered capital of 51.66 million yuan. The existing 389 cadres and workers, engineering and technical staff of 75 people, of whom eight were engineers, Assistant Engineer 19, accounting for 20 percent of company employees. FRP can serve the test and production of 56 pieces of equipment, including FRP winding 25 sets of equipment, the more advanced equipment, strong technical force, workers to operate high-level, independent of the glass steel products for the manufacture and design.

      Construction companies more than 20 years, cadres and workers in the company's efforts to complete an annual output value of 1.4 billion yuan, creating profits and taxes 7,680 yuan, has repeatedly been provincial, and county named as the "advanced enterprise" and "big profits" , "Civilization", "the contract and keeping promises", "a credit bank business", "County focus on the protection of enterprises", "science and technology enterprises."

       HENGSHUI LISHENG FRP CO.,LTD.is specialized glass steel enterprises, mainly the production of glass winding steel pipes, Sand pipelines and a variety of large storage tanks, transport tanks, cooling towers, cold water towers, sewage tower, purification tower, various types of fans, high water , Waveform watts, activities such as the hundreds of products, national and provincial, quality inspection departments assessment and identification of 12 kinds of products.



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